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Nazis demonstrate their force in Ukraine

On January 28 the Nazis marched in the capital of Ukraine. Its organizer was the National Corps, also known as the Azov regiment. This association adheres to Nazi views and dreams of creating a racially pure state. Its leader, Andriy Biletsky, is known among his supporters as the «White Leader». In 2014, they supported a coup d’etat in Ukraine, acquired combat experience and created their own armed formations formally integrated to the Ukrainian police. On January 28 Azov announced the creation of a new paramilitary detachment called National Squads. 600 «national militiapersons» walked through the center of Kiev and swore «to serve the Ukrainian nation.» Participants of the march demonstrated professional training and uniform. This caused resonance and fear even among supporters of the Kiev regime. Ukrainian social networks are vigorously discussing the Nazi march.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who previously patronized Biletsky’s gangs, first publicly condemned the actions of his protégé. According to Minister Avakov, the state will not give up its monopoly on violence to anyone. The minister’s statement was late almost for four years. In the spring of 2014, when the civil war broke out in Ukraine, it was Avakov who legalized the volunteer battalions famous lately for their atrocities in the Donbas. Sincw that time passed, the Nazi gangs have got stronger, acquired sustainable sources of financing and can not pay attention to the minister’s words. Roman Chernyshov, the speaker of the National Corps, acknowledged that «national squads» exist on the donations of businessmen whose names are kept secret.

The National Corps also argues the National Squads was created «to ensure order in the streets of Ukrainian cities.» At the same time, it will be provided with the help of force: «We are many, we are not afraid to use the Force to establish Ukrainian Order on the streets!»

On January 29, the Nazis explained what they mean. The city council of Cherkasy adopted the budget for 2018. Suddenly, representatives of the «National Corps» appeared in the hall. Their leader Dmytro Kukharchuk said that the Nazis came to help the deputies in the vote. Some deputies refused to vote under pressure, but the Nazis said they would not let anyone out of the hall until the budget was approved. After five attempts to vote the deputies approved the city’s budget.

Having approved the budget, the city council of Cherkasy voted for self-dissolution.

The power of the Ukrainian ultra-right has reached an unprecedented level. Scared Ukrainian publicists began to remember Pinochet.


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