Location USA USA

Turning the U.S. into a failed state……

Increased military spending
More tax cuts for the rich
Expanding US military bases around the world
Empire grows abroad
and collapses at home

800 million jobs
will be
lost by 2030
due to robots

Capital has gone global
they don’t give
a damn
about country
or the people

every country
will have a different role
a different job
under corporate globalization

The role of the US
will be
‘security export’
make weapons
make war
all on behalf
of corporate interests

No jobs at home
young people
have to join
the military
if they hope
to find work,
personal self-worth
or $$$ for education
the ‘economic draft’

The growing
military ‘mission’
requires even more $$$
where will it come from?

The war machine
has a plan
Cut Social Security,
Medicare, Medicaid
and finish off
other social programs
turn the country
into a failed state

Bruce K. Gagnon

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