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Occupation strike in Turkey

On December 5 HT Solar a metal factory in Istanbul went on strike. Against the attack of the bosses by layoffs in response to unionization work carried out by the factory committee formed by the workers 600 strong workers first started a strike and then immediately advanced to an occupation of the factory. Their demands were reincorporation of the fired workers and the acknowledging of the trade union.

After the occupation was ended with partial gains, the declaration by the workers was distributed through a Facebook page of ours which is actively followed by thousands of metal workers -and interestingly bosses also.

The struggle at HT Solar will continue

We locked ourselves inside our factory and kept struggling for 3 days. First 6 of our friends were sacked, then 25. For 3 days, we struggled for the 6 friends to be reinstated, but at the point we are now, we were not able to do so. In the meantime, our union managed to get the majority in the factory and applied for authorization.

The strike we staged for 3 days is legitimate and just. There is not one institution that can question that. Whether the resistance started too early or too late or whether the unionization started at the right time is up to HT Solar workers to decide. If the workers are being limitlessly exploited, being forced to low wages, being subjected to oppression and insults in a factory, struggling is legitimate. Against all this, HT Solar workers choose to bring the bosses to their knees, to make them submit instead of quitting their jobs. They followed this road and chose the method of struggle instead of waiting for the legal process. Even though the HT Solar factory was built just a year ago and the majority of the workers are new, they staged their resistance.

HT Solar workers have opened their eyes. HT Solar workers have learned to defend their rights, how to resist, how to struggle, class solidarity and unionization. We would like to call out to the boss and his lackeys who follow us through this page (Metal İşçisinin Sesi – Metal Worker’s Voice). We ensured our unity and fraternity. You will not be able to treat us the way you used to and divide us like before. We will keep struggling inside the factory and remain determined to end your reign. Your attempts to break us through gossip and lies, your efforts to bring in other collaborationist scab unions to the factory will fire back like a slap on your face!

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