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Nazis attack young communist league

Kiev, activists of the Ukrainian Nazi organization «National Corps» broke into the building where the youth wing of the Communist Party of Ukraine held a plenum. The «National Corps» is better known in the world media as a regiment of «Azov». The website of the Communist Party of Ukraine reports on this:
«Today, on December 23, 2017, a pack of neo-Nazi scumbags attacked a premise where Ukrainian Komsomol members gathered for the next Plenum. At the moment, threatening with violence, bandits from Azov and other criminal groups controlled by the Interior Ministry and the Security Service are trying to enter the premise. Police came to the place, for a long time passively watched what was happening, but at last was forced to use tear gas when neo-Nazis tried to break into the room after the doctors of the ambulance», — it was reported.

The Ukrainian Communists promised «to complain about the oligarch-nazi junta» in PACE, OSCE and the UN.
«The Communist Party of Ukraine declares that all bandit attacks on members of the party, members of the Komsomol, dissidents are carried out directly on orders and are financed by political forces that seized power in Ukraine as a result of the armed coup in February 2014. The Communist Party sends detailed information about the next crime of the oligarch-nazi junta to international human rights organizations, PACE, OSCE, to the UN Office for Human Rights,”  the authors of the appeal note.

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