Daily Archives: December 2, 2017

France | Macron Given Not-So-Warm Welcome in Burkina Faso

During  a speech that some have called “paternalistic,” Macron told a student that she “owes” French soldiers in Burkina Faso “applause.”

When French President Emmanuel Macron’s delegation arrived in Burkina Faso this week, the president who has become known for making condescending remarks about Africa was given a not-so-warm welcome as protesters shouted “down with imperialism” and put up barricades and burning tires.

USA | Turning the U.S. into a failed state……

Increased military spending
More tax cuts for the rich
Expanding US military bases around the world
Empire grows abroad
and collapses at home

800 million jobs
will be
lost by 2030
due to robots

Canada | We must begin to curb the power of corporations

The revelations of the Paradise Papers, the earlier Panama Papers and numerous articles in the western mainstream and alternative media demonstrate just one dimension, tax evasion, of an increasingly obvious truth: global corporations have become the greatest threat to the planet. The deliberate starvation of government, climate change, grotesque inequality, Dickensian working conditions, environmental degradation, dwindling biodiversity, the slow (or not so slow) death of the oceans and the creation of the security state on corporations’ behalf threaten not only the natural world but our capacity to democratically govern ourselves while maintaining some semblance of civilization.