Daily Archives: December 1, 2017

USA | The Collapse of Media and What You Can Do About It

When a system enters into the final stage of its deterioration – whether that is an institutional system, a state, an empire, or the human body – all the important information flows that support coherent communication breakdown. In this final stage, if this situation is not corrected the system will collapse and die.

Ukraine | Nazis, state and capital: the old story repeats now

Ukrainian news agencies focused their attention on Nazi gang C14 after it was included to the international list of terrorist organizations. They have found C14 is a SBU-backed gang suspected of murdering an oppositional journalist and being funded by the Ukrainian state institutions.

India | Farmers storm India’s national capital, demanding freedom from debt and better price for their produce

Several thousand small-holder farmers from across India held a massive demonstration in New Delhi, from 20-21 November to draw attention to the acute agrarian distress plaguing the countryside and seeking immediate intervention by the Union Government.