Iraqi and Syrian forces are close to victory over ISIS

On November 17 the Iraqi Armed Forces officially liberated the strategic city of Al-Rawa in western Al-Anbar, today, after a short operation against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.

Led by the 7th and 8th divisions of the army, the Iraqi Armed Forces began this offensive two weeks ago, liberating the nearby city of Al-Rumanah to kickoff their operations.

Once Al-Rumanah was liberated, the Iraqi Armed Forces crossed the Euphrates River to clear out several small villages that were still under Islamic State control west of Al-Rawa.

With nowhere for the Islamic State retreat, the Iraqi Armed Forces kicked off the last phase of the Al-Rawa operation this week; it was officially on Friday afternoon.

The same day an officer from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told Al-Masdar News that their forces have liberated most of Albukamal, leaving only the eastern suburbs left to capture.

Led by the elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies stormed the western and southern axes of Albukamal, inflicting heavy damage on the Islamic State’s (ISIS) remaining defenses inside the city.

But it was a hurried statement. Fierce battle continued next days. Only on November 19 the SAA and their allies were able to expel the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists from Albukamal after a successful operation. Islamic State terrorists fleet along the Euphrates River and ISIS lost the last significant city from its control.


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