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In London: Solidarity with Ukrainian antifascists

Antifascists protest on Downing Street, government center of the United Kingdom.

London activists brought a strong antiwar message to the seat of the United Kingdom’s government Oct. 28, calling for an end to British military and other aid to Ukraine; implementation of the Minsk peace agreements; justice for the scores of antifascists murdered on May 2, 2014, at the House of Trade Unions fire in Odessa and solidarity with all antifascists in the Donbass and Ukraine.

Those participating in the protest included members of the Labour Party, New Communist Party, Socialist Fight and Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine. During the protest, organizers read messages of solidarity sent from Ukraine and the United States.

A statement from Dmytriy Kovalevich, a Ukrainian antifascist in exile, reported that “the Kiev government mercilessly suppresses the left and antifascist forces inside Ukraine, while our army and fascist volunteers daily shell the defiant miners’ cities of the Donbass region — punishing them for the resistance against Nazis and neoliberal policies imposed by the IMF [International Monetary Fund]. …

“The Western mainstream media keep silent about the conflict now in its fourth year, or misrepresent our civil war as an alleged ‘conflict with Russia.’ Currently Western instructors train our cops and soldiers to suppress dissidents and kill antifascist rebels in Ukraine.

“The entire Kiev regime is so unpopular that it can hold power and keeps plundering the country only due to the West’s financial aid and military supplies, while millions of Ukrainians leave the country heading to Europe or Russia. This is actually your taxes at work — your authorities supply our outright Nazis with arms. “Just yesterday a family of Donetsk workers suffered as a result of shelling — a woman died and her daughter was injured. And it is American and British governments that encourage, supply and finance our troops and Nazis in their geopolitical games.

“This situation is now in its fourth year. This should be stopped as soon as possible. We’re sure that the public budgets of the UK can be used for more decent and urgent aims at home.”

Another solidarity message came from Phil Wilayto, editor of The Virginia Defender and coordinator of the Richmond-based Odessa Solidarity Campaign, who warned that Washington was preparing to provide $500 million in military aid to Ukraine, including so-called “defensive lethal assistance.”

“What we are told on this side of the pond is that the problem in Ukraine is Russian aggression,” the statement read. “What we don’t hear is that the present crisis is the direct result of the U.S.-promoted right-wing coup of 2014. Or that the coup was just part of the overall strategy of U.S. imperialism to reduce Ukraine to a vassal state and staging area for its own aggression,

which is rapidly intensifying.

In addition to the half-billion authorized by the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, $750 million in non-lethal aid, such as uniforms and radars, has been provided by the United States since 2015, according to the Reuters news agency.

Further, there are the annual multinational military exercises such as Exercise Rapid Trident and Sea Breeze, involving hundreds of U.S. soldiers and sailors. This year the U.S. role in both exercises was the largest ever.

And all this is in addition to the ongoing training of Ukrainian soldiers by National Guard members from a number of U.S. states.

“Members of the U.S. Congress and the media accuse Russia of meddling in the last U.S. election, but the U.S. did more than meddle in Ukrainian politics — it overthrew the country’s president with the help of neo-Nazi organizations that have unleashed a reign of terror in the east, from Odessa to Donbass. …,” Wilayto stated.

“We need to take this information to the working people of Great Britain, the United States and all the countries of the world. We need to show how imperialist aggression abroad is intimately connected with attacks on working people and communities of color at home. … “It’s our job to bring them this truth, and that is just what you are doing today”.

Source: The Virginia Defender

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