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A day about Donbas in Geneva

On November 15 The Geneva Press Club announces public event “What future for Donbas?” devoted to “geopolitical analysis” of the war in Donbas and prospects for the future of this region for its population.

Civil war in Ukraine has started in spring of the year 2014 after uprising in Donbas region and lasts till now in position form. Numerous efforts to freeze the conflict broke due to the Kiev government rigidity.

The discussion in Geneva will be organized in close connection to the 28th session of the UPR of the UN Human Rights Council dedicated to the situation in Ukraine. It will take place at the Palace of Nations in Geneva on November 15, 2017. At this session, 47 member states of the Council will consider the situation of human rights in Ukraine. At the same time, the so-called «parallel» events will take place in the Palace of Nations — meetings, conferences and expert panels. The event «A Day about Donbass: Future and Prospects» is one of them.

The panel at the Palace of Nations will present speakers – academics and political analysts, knowledgeable in the subject of the conference. They will be joined by witnesses of the conflict – journalists, film makers and victims – for a moderated debate. The discussion will be accompanied by a photo exhibition and screening of film excerpts.

The list of announced speakers affects a tendency of Donbas political scene to move in right wing direction. So some thinkers from right political spectrum of Europe will speak at the meeting. They are Bruno Drweski, geopolitical analyst at the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations (INALCO), historian and specialist of the Slavic world and Xavier Moreau, military expert and politico-strategic analyst, founder of the website Stratpol.com. In the same time numerous widows of civil war and war crimes at Donbas will visit the meeting. One part of them are Western reporters like Sergei Munier, Anne-Laure Bonnel, Marian Banovski, Guillaume Chauvin, Anna Tuv and others. Academics and political analysts from Ukraine invited too. Their names are not announced in advance probably for security reasons.

As the place of the meeting is Palace of Nations it would not be attended without accreditation at the UN or special reservation. For visitors without accreditation reservation is obligatory in advance by e-mail.

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