Monthly Archives: November 2017

France | Macron Announces Plans of ‘Military Action’ in Libya

President Macron has revealed how EU leaders are planning to stop groups of human traffickers in Libya.

PARIS (Sputnik) — French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday EU leaders were pondering to crack down collectively on people’s smugglers in Libya, in an interview with a local news network.

Croatia | In His Final Act, War Criminal Hijacks Court

The shocking public suicide of Slobodan Praljak at the Hague Tribunal has overshadowed the significant findings of Croatia’s complicity in mass crimes in Bosnia and has further diminished the legacy of the international court.

Wednesday’s reading of the appellate verdict in the case against six Bosnian Croatian defendants was the last verdict issued by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Armenia leaves the PA BSEC assembly hall as a sign of protest

The Armenian parliamentary delegation to PA BSCEC issued a statement on “an unprecedented incident during a plenary session in the Ukrainian capital.”

“At the start of the 50th session of the Assembly, when members of the delegations were waiting in the hall for about an hour, it turned out that the heads of all the delegations separated and were discussing some issues at the initiative of PA BSEC Secretary General and the head of the Ukrainian delegation.

Ukraine | The Hidden Truth About Ukraine, Kiev Euromaidan Snipers Kill Demonstrators. Italian Documentary Bombshell Evidence

The TV documentary emanates from the mainstream media, Italy’s Canale 5, a private TV network owned by Gruppo Mediaset SA, a company founded in 1987 by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.  

Ukraine | Cannibal in Ukrainian parliament

Ukrainian MP Yevhen Rybchinski, elected from Poroshenko’s block, said on November 23 in Ukrainian TV channel 24:
“I do not care what is happening in Lugansk. I’m not interested in the life of cockroaches. Even if a million cockroaches would be born in my kitchen – this does not mean that it belongs to them. No statuses and no special regimes for cockroaches, only dichlorvos [insecticide] – a lot of dichlorvos. Well, a couple of thousands of Javelins, of course ” – this was stated with regard to the US supplies of missile systems Javeline for Ukrainian army and talks on special autonomous status for Donbass region.
Now compare this rhetoric about “cockroaches” with the rhetoric of Rwandian genocide – the same terms and the same speeches.