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Puidgemont Blasts Repression After Catalan Leaders Detained for ‘Sedition’

Dozens of Barcelona residents banged pots Monday evening to express discontent with the High Court’s decision to jail the two pro-independence leaders.

Catalans are readying to take to the streets to protest a Spain High Court order declaring two independence organizations’ leaders be remanded while they remain under investigation for suspicion of sedition.

The leader of the Catalan National Assembly, Jordi Sanchez, and Jordi Cuixart of the Omnium Cultural group were detained in a Monday operation and jailed after facing interrogation by authorities.The two men have been barred from posting bail and will remain in detention.

Catalonia’s police chief, Major Josep Lluis Trapero, and his colleague Lieutenant Teresa Laplana were also questioned on Monday. Unlike the Catalan independence politicians, they were not jailed but they have been forced to surrender their passports and appear in court every two weeks.

Dozens of Barcelona residents banged pots Monday evening to express discontent with the decision of Madrid’s High Court to jail the two pro-independence leaders.

Each of the four is facing investigations over their alleged roles in orchestrating pro-independence protests last month that trapped national police inside a Barcelona building and destroyed their vehicles. The protests culminated in mass repression targeting over a dozen Catalan political figures as well as raids on various sites.

The move follows the regional government’s alleged failure to adequately respond to demands by Madrid to “clarify” their stance on independence by Monday morning. The president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, now has been given until Thursday to backtrack on any steps the region has taken toward secession.

Puigdemont commented on Twitter: «Spain jails Catalonia’s civil society leaders for organizing peaceful demonstrations. Sadly, we have political prisoners again» — an allusion to past military dictatorship.

Prosecutors have alleged that Cuixart and Sanchez were key planners behind the Oct. 1 referendum on independence that the Spanish government considered illegal. The referendum sparked a widespread clampdown from Spanish security forces, drawing international attention to the Catalan people’s aspirations to separate from Spain, whose head of state is King Felipe VI.


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