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One more arrested: Ukrainian state security has been hunting for journalists

On September 28, Ukrainian special services detained journalist Pavel Volkov in Zaporozhe, who did not agree with the policy of nationalism and neo-Nazism pursued by Kiev.
As reported in the Security Service, the detainee in 2014-2016 allegedly worked in the Donetsk people republic’s social communications committee, «where he prepared and then placed on the separatist Internet resources, various illegal materials.» Thus, according to the special service, Volkov called for a change in the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukrainian borders and «provoked incitement to ethnic hatred.» At the same time, the state security emphasizes that this agitator received «assignments» and coordinated his work with curators from the Russian Federation who financed these sites.

Allegedly on the orders of Russian special services, he returned to his hometown to organize an information campaign against the Kiev regime.

The special services insist that they detained Pavel Volkov immediately after his return to the hometown, but Russian anti-fascists deny this information. After the search and arrest Volkov was charged with encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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