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How German Neo-Nazis Were Inspired by the New Ukrainian Order

On the website of the German neo-Nazi party “Third Way” published a series of articles about a recent visit to Kiev by its delegation. The Germans, dressed in jackets with the large inscription “National-revolutionary socialists” on the back, honored the “memory of heroes” at a cemetery of Wehrmacht soldiers near Kiev with their banners, and also took part in the congress and march of the National Corpus party in the Ukrainian capital.

The participation of the “numerous delegation from Germany” in the actions of the “Azov” party on October 14th was reported on October 18th on “Facebook” (and in English) by the head of the international direction of “National Corpus” Olena Semenyaka.

On October 19th on the website of the German party “Third Way” (Der III. Weg) published an article in which it speaks about the trip of its delegation – headed by party leaders Klaus Armstroff and Matthias Fischer – to Ukraine. On the website of the federal department for the protection of the constitution this party is mentioned among the largest associations of neo-Nazis.

“Within several days of stay in the Ukrainian capital Kiev the delegation of our party ‘Third Way’ received numerous impressions and valuable ideas concerning the fight for a new Ukrainian order,” it is said in the publication on the website of the German party, the lexicon of which directly references the “new order” that was carried to Europe by Adolf Hitler.

Published in the same place are joint photos of the German delegates with the honourable commander of the regiment of the National Guard “Azov” and the leader of “National Corpus” Andrey Biletsky, as well as photos depicting the “national- revolutionary socialists” from Germany at the far-right “March of the nation” on October 14th in the center of Kiev.

On October 21st on the website of the “third way” a publication appeared under the name “Memory of Heroes in the Military Cemetery near Kiev”. The German neo-Nazis came there with their flags to honor the memory of hundreds of thousands of soldiers of nazi Germany who perished near Kiev in 1941 and 1943.

“Their feats is forever an example for us,” declared one of its leaders in a speech in front of the German delegation. “Where their blood permeated through foreign soil, it consecrated it, turning it into a holy site. You are a beacon for our glorious deeds.”

In the publication of “Third way” about Hitler’s aggressors who perished near Kiev it is said: “Each of these magnificent soldiers were convinced of the justice of their fight and didn’t hesitate to defend the rights of the people. They were not slaves or talkers, but honest young men, who devoted their lives to the future of their people. The commemoration of the solemn verses that sounded from the lips of Germans showed that our heroic memory isn’t mourning, but an asset and at the same time an appeal to fight”. Back home Armstroff with his colleagues more than once took part in processions in honor of soldiers of the SS Wehrmacht.

by Andriy Manchuk



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