Daily Archives: October 21, 2017

Moldovan president will be temporarily removed from office

Constitutional conflict between Moldovan president Igor Dodon and pro-Romanian parliament majority broke out in September 2017. The government sent Moldovan troops to international NATO military exercises despite strong presidents opposition. As a result of the conflict President Dodon resigned a minister of defence as a supreme commander-in-chief.

Ukraine | Resident of Odessa region arrested on accusation of separatism

Employees of the SBU detained a resident of Berezovka in the Odessa region who spread anti-Ukrainian materials on Russian social networks. This was reported by the press center of the department.

“Law enforcement bodies recorded that the man regularly posted on his personal pages anti-Ukrainian materials with calls to change the borders and the constitutional system of Ukraine, and popularized the terrorist organizations DPR/LPR. The operatives of the special service documented that the agitator obtained information from the curator of the territories that are temporarily occupied by militants and spread it for a fee,” it is said in the statement of the SBU.

USA | Silicon Valley is not your friend

Noam Cohen