Daily Archives: October 12, 2017

Ukraine | Ukraine’s New Education Law Undermines Minorities’ Rights – PACE Resolution


On Thursday, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a resolution on the new Ukrainian law on education. This controversial law has already attracted harsh criticism from Ukraine’s neighboring states.

Spain | Puigdemont postpones declaration of Catalan independence to make a final offer of dialogue to Spain

The mandate to make Catalonia an independent state has been acknowledged, but the declaration of independence is postponed.

This is the summary of Carles Puigdemont’s most important speech. With a one hour delay due to last-minute discrepancies with the CUP –who didn’t applaud his speech–, Puigdemont asked the plenary session to temporarily suspend Article 4.4 of the Referendum Law –which calls for a unilateral declaration of independence in the event of a Yes win– so as to make a final offer of dialogue to the Spanish government, as the international community has called for.

USA | Angela Davis: An Interview on the Futures of Black Radicalism

 “The concept associated with Black Marxism that I find most productive and most potentially transformative is the concept of racial capitalism…. Global capitalism cannot be adequately comprehended if the racial dimension of capitalism is ignored.”