Syrian Army tanks move up to the gates of Deir Ezzor

By Andrew Illingworth

Footage has been released by the Syrian Ministry of Defence (MoD) showing vanguard units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) punching their way towards the gates of Deir Ezzor city.

The video of MoD shows Syrian Army tanks and troops, backed up by Russian gunship support, rolling up the last ISIS positions and defense points en-route to relieve pro-government forces that have been besieged in and around the city for almost three years.

Pro-government forces attempting to reach Deir Ezzor currently stand about five kilometers from the city via the northeastern direction, this is confirmed.

 Yesterday there were reports that a deep reconnaissance unit from the SAA’s relieving forces scouted their way to besieged army forces at the 137th Brigade Base on the western outskirts of Deir Ezzor and met up with them.

Even if this is true, the reconnaissance mission does not constitute a proper link-up and thus the siege of Deir Ezzor has not yet been lifted despite some pro-government social media outlets saying otherwise.

Furthermore, the town of Ash-Shula officially remains in the hands of ISIS, with the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces taking up positions on the settlement’s northern outskirts.



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