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New victims of political repression in Ukraine

The Berdichev court condemned two Ukrainian journalists for nine years of imprisonment.
In 2015, journalists of Channel 17 Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin were detained on charges of separatism. In particular, the investigation accused them of creating the channel «Novorossiya TV». More precisely, being in Kiev, they, according to the investigation, created a corresponding page on the Youtube service. In addition, journalists made a trip to the Donbas in the Donetsk People’s Republic.
As the journalists themselves claimed, they do not have any relation to the TV channel and are not involved in either its formation, or in the creation and dissemination of information on this television channel.
Nevertheless, the court found Dmitry Vasilets and Yevgeny Timonin guilty of assisting a terrorist organization and sentenced both to nine years in prison.
The court read out the verdict in the absence of the defendants. Vasilets began to criticize the court decision during the announcement of the verdict. He was withdrawn from the courtroom on the orders of the judge. And Evgeny Timonin left the courtroom himself.

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