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NATO military exercise “Aurora 17” was accomplished with great anti-war manifestation

The largest military exercise in Sweden in over 20 years started on Monday, but critics argue that it is likely to increase military tensions in the region.

Sweden’s Armed Forces say that the military exercise, Aurora 17, which involves several NATO countries, including the USA, will strengthen Sweden’s ability to withstand an attack. (Sweden is not a member of NATO.)

However, several peace organisations who have joined forces in a resistance campaign, are critical of the two-week long military manoeuvres. The World federation of trade unions noted it was a great protesting manifestation in Gothenburg against the NATO military exercise.

“This is a really big problem for us because the exercise is part of Sweden getting closer and closer to NATO. The exercise itself is an example of this because troops from four or five NATO countries will take part in the Aurora in Sweden. We strongly oppose Swedish politics turning closer to NATO,” Tomas Magnusson, chairman of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Association’s local office in Gothenburg tells Radio Sweden.

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