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Kiev regime bans teaching in Russian language in Ukraine

As Ukrainian Strana.ua reports, Ukrainian MPs announced the start of educational reform. They adopted a law during the first plenary session of the Parliament that will launch the reform. President Poroshenko has already approved the law, having remarked that new Ukrainian school is opening its door to the new generation of Ukrainians — competent, patriotic and opened to the world.
The implementation of the larger part of this reform is scheduled for September 1st, 2018. Website Strana.ua reviewed the innovations that Ukrainian education system is facing.
It appears that millions of Ukrainian citizens will be unable to provide schooling in their native tongue to their children.
Until now many schools with Russian language of teaching existed in Ukraine, as well as schools teaching in other minority languages, such as Hungarian, Romanian and others.
The presence of Russian-language schooling (although the number of schools went down gradually) was one of the main arguments in favour of the claim that Ukraine respects the rights of its Russian-speaking population, perceiving them as proper citizens.
This is history now.
The law introduces a virtual ban on teaching in any language apart from the Ukrainian.
The following provision of the law was adopted in the second reading: beginning with 2018 only the junior school will retain the grades, in which the teaching will be carried out in minority languages. Teaching in these languages will stop in the 5th grade, from that time in the children will be taught in Ukrainian only. This provision will last till 2020 only. Beginning with 2020 the education will be in Ukrainian only.
The law provides small favors for the representatives of «the indigenous people’s» (they will be allowed to study in separate grades), as well as for English and the languages of the European Union, in which teaching of several subjects can be conducted (perhaps, this must pacify the Hungarians and Romanians). Education in Russian will be eliminated totally.


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