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International Protests Against the Destruction of Soviet WW2 Monuments in Poland

As a group of international activists reported they marched in many European countries against the destruction of soviet monuments in Poland. All protests were coordinated together and took place on the 2nd of September, 2017, in front of the Polish consulates and embassies. The protest in Poland took place in front of the US Embassy. Amongst the places of protest are the following:

    • Warsaw, Poland
    • Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Munich, Germany
    • Athens, Greece
    • Chisinau, Moldavia
    • Tallin, Estonia
    • Moscow, Russia
    • Madrid, Spain

This year, on 22nd June, the day which marks the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s barbaric attack on the Soviet Union, Polish Parliament, despite the international agreement between Poland and Russian Federation from 1994 about graves and memorial sites, passed a law that orders the demolition of Soviet monuments and memorials on Polish soil. It is the obligation of all nations of Europe to faithfully retain the memories of the important events of the last century. It is our duty to remember our history and to learn its lessons. This campaign of destruction of Red Army monuments is an attempt to erase the memory of Poland’s liberation from German forces by the Red Army. We cannot allow the memory about sacrifice by the Soviet and Polish people to be erased.

The protests were organized by the Humanitarian battalion of Ireland & UK and the Communist Party of Ireland in coordination with Antiimperialistische Aktion, ZPR “Grunwald” and the Communist Party of Poland in Poland, the 9th of May initiative in Athens, the Molotov Club in Moscow and the Russian Compatriots of Europe in Estonia, the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Donetsk and “Our motherland of Moldova” in Moldova, “Organization Blagoye Delo” and the International platform “Global Rights for Peaceful People” in Madrid, Spain.


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