A Rally at the US Embassy in Prague

On September 20, there was a rally at the US Embassy in Prague timed to the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations. The organizers of the rally, the NGO «Czech-Slovenian Congress», handed over an open letter to the staff of the American diplomatic mission calling on the US government to stop violating the norms of international law and respect human rights. According to the participants of the protest action, Washington is pushing humanity towards a new world war.

Here is the video of the event: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10213662913908555&id=1275608368

The text of the open letter delivered to the embassy:

«On October 24, 1945, world leaders came together to create the United Nations. On the ashes of the war, they proclaimed the ideals of peace, dialogue and international cooperation. These agreements have remained relevant till this day and constitute a solid foundation for world peace on the planet Earth.

But 72 years later, some countries are trying to circumvent these agreements for the sake of momentary political ambitions. As a result millions of inhabitants of our planet are threatened with agonizing death from the use of modern types of weapons.

Thus in 1983, US military invaded Grenada. These actions in the resolution 37/8 by the UN General Assembly were defined as a «gross violation of international law».

In 1986, the United States carried out an attack on Libya, and in 1989, it invaded Panama.
In 1999, the United States bombed Yugoslavia, in 2003 the United States invaded Iraq.
According to world opinion, it is the US that is responsible for the death of civilians in Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Also, it is undeniable that the US is responsible for attacking the sovereign property of other states, for example, Russia’s diplomatic property in America. Violating thus not only the foundations of international law, but also its own principles of inviolability of private property, declared in the US Constitution.

We, the representatives of the Czech public, join the countries that are struggling against blatant violations of international law in order to preserve peace on our planet.

And we call on the top US leadership not to authorize the beginning of a new world war and abandon the practice of violating international agreements on human rights and the practice of violating international agreements guaranteeing the inviolability of private property».

Author of the letter: Vera Rezniczkova, public organization «Czech-Slovenian Congress».

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