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Senator McCain made friends with Nazis

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona once met with a well-known right-wing nationalist party in Ukraine during mass protests of 2013-2014, Robert Donachie, The Daily Caller reporter, wrote recently.

His visit to Kiev “was reportedly to show U.S. support for the protesters, but his trip to Ukraine was notable for another reason. McCain was repeatedly photographed standing next to and meeting with Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of the right-wing nationalist Svoboda Party, Business Insider reported.

The Svoboda Party has gained some traction and notoriety in Ukraine, garnering 10 percent of the national vote in the nation’s 2010 parliamentary election. Svoboda has a history of anti-Semitism. When it was founded in 1995, the party had a logo eerily similar to the Nazi swastika. The party underwent a schism in later years, but still remains true to promoting Ukrainian ethnic identity.

Tyahnybok has a history of making anti-Semitic comments. He was expelled from parliament in 2014 after he demanded the Ukranian people wage war against the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia,”–both words are insults aimed at the nation’s Russian and Jewish citizens. In 2015, Tyahnybok wrote letters in which he demanded Ukraine fight against acts “of Jewry.”

In fact we face slight criticism of McCain’s activity. Robert Donachie states Svoboda is a right-wing party only though its political background is hidden Nazism. “Svoboda” leaders describe their ideology as social-nationalism, i.e. it differs from Nazism only by word order. McCain is indifferent to the nature of political force he cooperates if it helps his plans to be realized.

Anyway it is important that US journalists turned their attention to those contacts just in time when US progressive forces fight back against racists, white supremacists and other reactionary forces.

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