Location Ukraine Ukraine

Police and fascists joint front in Ukraine

At night on August 24 Ukrainian police guarded Ukrainian fascists in Odessa while fascists pulled down and desecrated monument to the Soviet marshal Georgiy Zhukov well known for his struggle against fascism in the second world war. Fascist thugs pulled down the monument and transported it to another part of the city. When they beat it with legs and symbolically hang it. They finished their derision with traditional fascist firework.

Police was present permanently near the vandals. Moreover, the police provided fascists with their official vehicle for the carriage of the monument, it escorted them to the site of desecration and protected from the journalist Sergey Bakumenko who went across the place of crime by occasion.  Fascists attacked him with teargas but police stayed indifferent to violence against the journalist.

The night pogrom shocked Odessa residents by giving one more proof that city is under fascist occupation control. Meanwhile Moldovan media found the reason for teeny cooperation between fascists and police. The new chief of regional police Yuri Rybak is a son Ukrainian nationalist killed during spring uprising in Donbas in 2014. He is loyal to Kiev regime and actively supported it from the beginning like his father.


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