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Hands off Venezuela, no foreign interference!

Statement by the Democratic Independent Workers Party (POID)

The fact is that the elections to a Constituent Assembly that have just taken place in Venezuela were marked by a significant turnout: the urban and rural workers mobilised to go and vote.

And yet, the European Union has just published a statement (2 August), saying that “The European Union and its Member States therefore cannot recognise the Constituent Assembly.

By what right?

By what right does the European Union say that, when its austerity programmes are bleeding the peoples dry from one end of the continent to the other, from Greece to Portugal; by what right does the European Union, that worldwide warmonger, call into question the elections in Venezuela?

Whether or not it pleases Macron, Merkel and their master Trump, the Venezuelan government is legitimate, and the Venezuelan people have the right to make their own sovereign decisions. They have the right to elect a Constituent Assembly.

It is not up to Trump, nor Macron, nor the European Union to decide on behalf of the people of Venezuela!

In Brazil, Venezuela’s neighbour, dozens of labour and popular organisations – including the Workers Party, the CUT trade union confederation and the Landless Workers’ Movement – have jointly published a manifesto “For Peace in Venezuela”, in which they state: “The sovereign free Venezuelan people have taken back into their own hands the powers that belong to them, and voted massively to elect their representatives to a national Constituent Assembly. Over 8 million people participated despite the boycott and sabotage by anti-democratic groups (…). Men and women of good will around the world should loudly salute this historic affirmation of the right to self-determination in Venezuela, and form a vast chain of solidarity to reject all the threats of foreign intervention.

Indeed, is this not what the organisations that stand for the defence of labour rights and democracy should do throughout the world?

In France, the Macron-Philippe government, an illegitimate government, has the arrogance to want to follow through to the end with its destruction of the Labour Code, the Social Security system and every democratic right, and at the same time it is calling into question the legitimate government of Venezuela!

The POID calls on all the organisations that stand for the defence of labour rights and democracy: let us take action jointly against the interference of Trump, the European Union and Macron against the people in Venezuela!

Unite to ensure that the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people is respected!


The National Secretariat of the POID

Paris, 5 August 2017

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