Daily Archives: August 19, 2017

Kyrgyzstan: Prosecutions Thin Ranks of Presidential Contenders

Two major names in Kyrgyzstani politics have been sentenced to long terms in jail so far in August. Local analysts contend the cases are politically motivated.

With presidential election coming up in mid-October, analysts argue the timing of the convictions is not coincidental. They suggest that the cases likely were intended to help members of the ruling elite retain their grip on power.

US – North Korea: The Controlled Escalation

US – North Korean relations have hit recently another unprecedented escalation. A litany of threats and counter threats have brought the two countries into the verge of a military confrontation. After two weeks of heightened rhetoric, things calmed down and came to a pause, thanks to South Korean president who seemingly was advised by the US officials to diffuse the tension by assuring that no military confrontation should happen, and that only peaceful solution should be the outcome of the recent conflict. The whole show has started when PyongYang successfully tested a transcontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the US territories, namely Alaska. This has brought the situation into a turning point. Some US experts have stated that because of this test, Washington should understand that the North Korean threat is real, and this time it stretched out to reach not only US strategic allies in the peninsula, rather the American territories itself. Such a threat can never be ignored or dashed away.

In East Darfur, UN refugee chief urges international support for Sudan

The United Nations refugee chief has called for international solidarity and resources to aid Sudan, which is one of the major hosting countries for refugees fleeing the conflict in South Sudan.

“Sudan’s generosity must be matched with international solidarity and resources. Much more donor support is required – and urgently – so that we can help the hundreds of thousands of refugees in the country and the communities that are hosting them,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said yesterday wrapping up his first visit as the head of UNHCR to Sudan.