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Ukraine | Fascists threaten opposition activist in Kiev

On August 1-2 in Kiev, the Ukrainian fascists staged an act of intimidation against a well-known opponent of the nationalists Svetlana from Kiev. Fame came to Svetlana after a scandal at school, when she refused to donate to finance the civil war. These events were described in detail by one of the leading Ukrainian opposition sites Strana.ua.
According to Svetlana, yesterday, August 1, in the morning, the unknown began to insistently call her husband, who was already at work. They introduced themselves as police officers, reported that they were at the door of his apartment and demanded that Svetlana open the door in order to “communicate” with her. When they were refused, they said that they would come next day (August 2) at 15.00.
They really came. There were three people. Two of them presented themselves as the “public organization of the C-14” (a gangster grouping adjacent to the Fascist Freedom party), a third posing as a police officer, but without uniform, he did not introduce himself, did not tell his name and rank.
The concierge did not let them enter to Svetlana’s apartment. After that, they threw leaflets in each mail box, where it was reported that Svetlana was a “Russian propagandist”, and her personal data (name and address) were published.
Also all the entrances of a multi-storey building were glued these ads.
It should be noted that in recent days Svetlana has actively cooperated with prominent opposition journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, collecting assistance for political prisoners in Ukraine. Also, it is noticeable in social networks by her activity in collecting signatures against the renaming of Kiev streets in honor of the OUN-UPA members, the Ukrainian fascist formation that operated during the Second World War.

Ukraine | Opposition journalist has been arrested in Ukraine

On August 2 Ukrainian state security arrested an opposition journalist. The journalist and blogger  Vasily Muravitsky is 32 years old, lives in Zhitomir a city not far from the capital of Ukraine. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of Novaya Volna (New Wave newspaper) – a nationwide weekly of young communist league. After the passage of anti-communization laws, Muravitsky became a reporter for Russian media outlets.