Top YPG commander accuses Syria, Russia and Turkey of conspiring over Afrin issue

The general commander of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), Sipan Hemo, has accused the governments of Damascus, Moscow and Turkey of conspiring against the YPG over the Afrin issue.

The accusation comes amid escalating tensions between the Syrian-based YPG militia and Ankara over whose sphere of control the region of Afrin in northern Syria should fall into. To this end, Turkey has heavily shelled YPG position in the region of Afrin and threatened a ground invasion via its proxies.

Hemo has gone on to comment further that forces of the United States currently operate seven (7) military bases throughout areas of Syria occupied by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to which the YPG is an integral component. Al-Masdar News has no means of clarifying this claim.

Commander Hemo made headlines several days ago when he stated that YPG forces in Aleppo Governonate were preparing for an operation to seize the key rebel-held towns of Azaz and Jarablus from Turkey-led forces. In any case, little more has been heard on the matter and, in all probability, the statement was just a strategic bluff by the YPG leadership.


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