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Resisting the G20 in Hamburg: Second Day

Resistance to the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany continued to the second day.

After days of reckless unilateral escalation in which the police attacked protesters and residents of this rebellious city, last night Hamburg fiercely resisted the occupation of the police and the world leaders with militant demonstrations and spontaneous action. Great masses of people came out to their neighborhoods to show that Hamburg cannot be intimidated. This morning began with the burning of several cars, an attack on a police station, a blockade of the port, and people pushing in close to the complex hosting the G20.

In less than an hour, a new attempt to block the centre of Hamburg, where G20 delegations are meeting, will happen, with one of the meeting points being in front of St. Pauli Football stadium, traditionally known for their left-wing ultras fans. Stadium continues to be a sleeping place and media centre for protesters against G20, and with that showing their alliance to anticapitalist protesters.

Meanwhile, smaller clashes, blocades and demonstrations continue to erupt all over the city. Police is once again loosing control over some streets. They called in for reinforcements two hours ago, and cops from all over Germany are heading to Hamburg (let’s not forget every 12th German police officer is already stationed here).

At a press conference at the St. Pauli stadium, a panel consisting of organizers from the various demonstrations denounced the unprovoked attacks of the police and rejected corporate journalists’ attempts to divide them, asserting that all protesters and opponents of the G20 will present a united front throughout the weekend, and that the police had better not attack the massive demonstration scheduled for tomorrow.

After a day of street confrontations with the police including barricading and arson, this expression of unity is inspiring.

Police continues to operate with fake news, circling rumors like the one that the military will be called into Hamburg, as the situation continues to escalate. It is clear their only attempt is to make sure as little protesters as possible appear on the streets of Hamburg in next two days, since they clearly lost control over them in the last 24 hours.

At the edge of the Reeperbahn, a student strike has produced a street occupation extending more than a full city block. The atmosphere is relaxed, with music, speeches, and a multi generational crowd. But large groups of riot police march around in confusion, threatening people who mostly ignore them.

Students announced their strike and organized against G20, because they see the meeting as a symbol of unjust education system that is teaching them to compete rather than cooperate.

Their demonstration is set to merge with the new wave of blocades short after 15:00. Thousands of people are already gathering at Millerntorplatz for the Color the Red Zone March. Cops are just moving through the crowd now in a small group, experiencing plenty of hostility.

Meanwhile, after hours of rumors that German army is entering Hamburg, and even pictures of military vehicles in the city circulated around, trying to put more fear into the hearts of protesters, Hamburg officials admitted the documented transfer of military convoy is not related to G20 protests and situation in the city. According to Hamburg police they were merely transporting material for police. One more maneuver from authorities showing they are not scared of using any tactic of maintaining an illusion they are in control, when they are clearly loosing their ground against angry habitants of Hamburg who refuse to be threatened in their hometown. Police turned entire city against them.

In Millerntorplatz, several thousand people gathered for the Color the Red Zone Demonstration, and were confronted by several lines of police. Crowds refused to be intimidated and pushed through. Speeches and samba bands were accompanied by anticapitalist chants and colorful smoke from flares. The demonstration feels powerful.

The BlocG20 and ATTAC demonstration is marching toward the Elbphilarmonie — an expensive concert hall built with public funds earlier this year. The plan is to blockade the hall. Fireworks are exploding outside and the police are firing water canons at Landungsbrücken. Several clashes with police are reported in the area of St. Pauli.

Meanwhile, Hamburg police reported that yet another police car on patrol was attacked by protesters. Around 2 pm, police was attacked with Molotov cocktails in Holstenstrasse.

Earlier this morning, several police cars were burned. All over Hamburg, police vehicles were attacked with paint and hammers. A group of protesters attacked a police station.

The situation in the streets was uncontrollable as stores, banks and official buildings were smashed and cars burned everywhere.

It is no surprise that police have become a target of the protests after their attacks on camps and demonstrations earlier this week created panic and stampedes. In one such instance, 500 cops were sent to remove 11 sleeping tents. In the days leading to G20 they were beating and injuring hundreds all over the city. It is still not clear how many have been injured by police yesterday, but ambulances were deployed 89 times, mostly for head injuries, broken bones, and abrasions.

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