New violence in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Azerbaijan on Tuesday, July 4 violated the ceasefire on the contact line with Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh), using various caliber mortars and even employed a TR-107 rocket engine in the south of the frontline. Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army opened retaliatory fire to suppress the rival’s attacks. During the incident, two civilians — a 52-year-old woman and a 2-year-old girl from Azerbaijan — were killed.

Azerbaijan’s officials stated both killed civilians are victims of  Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army which shelled the peaceful village of Alkhanli. Azerbaijan’s defense and foreign ministries, as well as the prosecutor’s office took various embassy and foreign media representatives to Alkhanli to allegedly prove the lack of military posts and a base near the settlement.

But on July 7 the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army has unveiled video footage which proves that Azerbaijan has installed artillery adjacent to the village of Alkhanli near the contact line. That’s why Karabakh’s retaliatory fire resulted in civilian losses.

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