Moroccan women stand up against political detentions

For the past few months, Morocco has been shaken by a historical social movement: Hirak. Created in one of the marginalised regions of Morocco, Rif, Hirak was born after the tragic death of Mohsin Fikri, a fish vendor ground in a garbage truck while trying to retrieve his confiscated merchandise. Hirak is a social movement that demands social justice and fights against marginalisation. As an answer to the significance of Hirak, the Moroccan state chose to launch a repressive campaign. Indeed, in the Rif, in general, and, Al Hoceima, in particular, over 150 persons were arrested.

Aware of the importance of the role of women in the Hirak, and the arrest of Silya the singer of the movement, we, Moroccan women, have decided to make the month of July, a month of struggle for the release of Hirak’ political prisoners.

Today more than ever, women’s voices have a duty to carry the voices of the women of Al Hoceima. Since the beginning of Hirak, women of Rif defy truncheons almost on a daily basis by occupying the streets of the city, expressing their anger and demanding the release of their husbands, sons, brothers or comrades currently behind bars.

We, Moroccan women, call upon all women from the diaspora and in migrant comunities to express solidarity with Hirak’s political prisoners and with women of the Hirak who, until today, continue to express the voice of women and men that have been muzzled by the State.

Let’s stand up together to make the month of July a month of international struggle for the release of the Hirak political prisoners!

In Casablanca, we will go out on Friday 7 July 2017! What about you?



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