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India: A first step toward the release of all the Maruti workers and trade unionists

Nambiath VASUDEVAN, Daniel GLUCKSTEIN, on behalf of the The International Workers Committee Against War and Exploitation inform about the struggle for liberation of the Indian trade union activists.

Haryana High Court has granted bail to four imprisoned Maruti workers who had been punished by the Sessions Court with 5-year jail sentences.

13 life-term victims are still in jail. Their case hearing is scheduled to come up soon.

Here is the report sent on July 12, by comrade Ramniwas Kush on behalf of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union (MSWU):

“After 4 years and 8 months since the incident that took place in the Maruti Manesar plant on July 18, 2012, the Sessions Court of Gurgaon gave its verdict against 17 workers. Out of these 17, 13 were given life terms in jail, and four were given five years imprisonment. Today, on July 12, 2017, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has granted bail to four comrades, Pradeep Gujar, Iqbal, Jogendra and Ramsabd Maurya. Our struggle is on in the courts as well as in the streets. We thank all those who supported us in our struggle. This struggle is still on because of the support we received from all — and that solidarity has given us strength. We believe we shall continue to get solidarity and support and drawing inspiration from such support we shall march forward. On 18th July we will be completing 5 years of our ordeal. On this day we shall observe our day of resistance with full force. Hence, this is an appeal to all to assemble at Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon, at 4 pm on July 18.”

This is a first step, a first result of the tremendous efforts of the Maruti workers’ legal team, as well as the tremendous efforts of the very broad number of working class organisations and activists in India and around the world who have demanded the immediate release of all the imprisoned Maruti workers.

This first step is a leaning point toward the immediate release of the 13 Maruti workers sentenced to life imprisonment!

Free the Maruti 13, now!

Respect the right to strike and to unionise!


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