Expert to Deputies of the European Parliament: “Today’s Ukraine Is a Hotbed of Fascism”

Ukrainian political emigrant and communist activist Aleksey Alby spoke to the deputies of the European parliament. Former member of regional council in Odessa, he works now as a head of department of political research of the post-Soviet space of the Institute of innovative development in Russia. Ukrainian anti-fascists and communists for several times addressed their speeches to European MPs in the assembly, but Alby believes he was the first of them. He made a speech in European Parliament at the hearings from the faction of the United Left GUE/NGL (European United Left–Nordic Green Left) of Eleonora Forenza.

According to him, known European politicians and public figures, deputies of Euro Parliament Javier Couso and Tatyana Zhdanok, and other friends of the Ukrainian people who understands the malignancy of the policy of nationalists also took part in the hearings.

The expert reminded the audience that the organizers and performers of mass murder in Odessa are still not punished, that the Ukrainian power doesn’t implement the Minsk Agreements, and still hasn’t liberated any political prisoners, and almost completely occupied the neutral zone. He noted in his speech economic crisis also results in the rise of ultra-right opinions and proposed an active cooperation in the struggle against nationalism and neo-fascism.

“Today’s Ukraine is a hotbed of fascism,” Albu stated.

Besides this, he thanked activists from “Banda Bassotti” for hearings.

“It is precisely they who from the first days of civil war in Ukraine spread the truth about the atrocities of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, about the bombing of the peaceful cities and settlements of Donbas, about mass murder in Odessa.

It is precisely Banda Bassotti who already for several years organizes anti-fascist caravans, bringing the European politicians and social activists to Donbas so that they see with their own eyes what is happening,” he added.

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