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BBC Ukrainian is glorifying a nazi gang

BBC Ukrainian has published an article glorifying contemporary Ukrainian nazi group in Kiev. Left blogger Andriy Movchan describes the scandal on Facebook post.  “BBC Ukrainian is glorifying a nazi gang C14 for organizing «safari against separatists» in Kiev. The article is full of empathy towards «guys», as BBC calls those nazi. Meanwhile, their victims (who usually are oppositional journalists and left-wing activists) without any doubts are mentioned as «separatists».

Kidnapping, public bullying, and violence – in other words, an open political terror – conducting by C14, in BBC’s terms, are just «educational conversations».

According to BBC, the gang’s activities are limited to small hooliganism. However, they forgot to tell their reader, for instance, about a famous case of Stas Sergienko, a student stabbed by nazi on Hitler’s birthday. After the attack, the leader of C14 has published a report titled «Another separatist safari in Kiev».

At the same time, there are no comments by the other side of the conflict. For BBC, it doesn’t make sense to talk with the victims of terror ’cause they are just «separatists», not human beings.

These are the famous high standards of BBC!” – Movchan comments.

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