Daily Archives: July 21, 2017

Number of European working poor doubles in a decade

by Elisabeth Zimmermann

More and more people in work in Europe are being forced into poverty. This is demonstrated by a new study by the Hans Böckler Foundation which was made public last Thursday.  The study, titled “Activation policies and poverty,” notes that a growing proportion of the population of Europe live in poverty, although they are working.

France | Jacques Morel : « Le nouveau chef d’état-major défendait les auteurs du génocide rwandais »

Le chef de l’Etat a nommé François Lecointre chef d’état-major des armées, alors que celui-ci a fait partie de l’opération Turquoise au Rwanda. Le spécialiste de la politique française en Afrique, Jacques Morel, revient sur ses missions sur le terrain.

Ukraine | Volunteer battalions represent a legitimacy dilemma for the Ukrainian government

by Michael Sheldon

Since the conclusion of Maidan, politically motivated private security actors operating in parallel with the Ukrainian government have played an integral part in the country’s security landscape. While some have been cooperating with Ukrainian authorities, others experience great friction with the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA), undermining the formal security structures of the Ukrainian government. It seems that political and military power have become inseparable at the unit level, with many battalion commanders also being career politicians or parliamentary members.

The massacre of Mosul: 40,000 feared dead in battle to take back city from Isis as scale of civilian casualties revealed

by Patrick Cockburn

More than 40,000 civilians were killed in the devastating battle to retake Mosul from Isis, according to intelligence reports revealed exclusively to The Independent – a death toll far higher than previous estimates.