Daily Archives: July 5, 2017

Poland | Ukraine will not enter Europe with Bandera – Polish MFA

Warsaw: Polish Foreign Minister Vitold Vashchikovsky said that Poland will veto potential Ukraine’s accession to the European Union if historical issues and minority rights issues are not resolved.

“Economic cooperation, unfortunately, does not look good. And worst of all, of course, are historical issues. Our message is very clear: (Ukraine – Ed) with Bandera in Europe will not enter. We talk about it loud and quiet. We will not repeat the mistakes of the 1990s, when there were certain problems in relations with Germany and Lithuania. I mean the status of the Polish minority in these countries. Having such experience, we will firmly demand from Ukraine that all matters be settled before Kyiv will stand at the gates of Europe with a request for membership, “he told wPolityce.

Nigeria | Visiting Boko Haram territory

Three days before my trip to Chibok, I had flown into Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, from Nigeria‘s capital Abuja. The flight had been delayed for over an hour due to bad weather. The Harmattan hung over Abuja and most of northern Nigeria in a white, soupy pall, cutting visibility to near zero. The weather is fickle and changes fast around this time of the year. By May, Maiduguri would get so intolerably hot that if you took a shower, before you left the bathroom the water on your body would have turned into sweat. Despite the swirling dust and the dehydrating wind, this was, weather-wise, the best time to come to Maiduguri. Because electricity and air-conditioning cannot always be guaranteed, better the Harmattan than the hellish heat. It gets so hot here, the joke goes, that you don’t need to boil water to make tea − it comes out of the tap already boiling.

UK | BBC Ukrainian is glorifying a nazi gang

BBC Ukrainian has published an article glorifying contemporary Ukrainian nazi group in Kiev. Left blogger Andriy Movchan describes the scandal on Facebook post.  “BBC Ukrainian is glorifying a nazi gang C14 for organizing «safari against separatists» in Kiev. The article is full of empathy towards «guys», as BBC calls those nazi. Meanwhile, their victims (who usually are oppositional journalists and left-wing activists) without any doubts are mentioned as «separatists».