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Russian citizen captured in Donbas

The Russian service of the BBC, referring to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that the army controlled by Kiev allegedly had captured a Russian serviceman. Kiev sources assure that scout Viktor Ageyev, who was recruited in the Altai Territory and served under the contract, got into their hands. The alleged Russian was captured on June 24 in the area of ​​Zhelobok village of the Slavyanoserbsky district of the Lugansk region as a result of a clash of fighters of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade and the reconnaissance group of the 4th mechanized brigade of the 2nd Army Corps of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic.

The journalist of the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV Yulia Kiriyenko published on   Facebook photo of the passport and military ticket of the detainee.  The ICTV channel is known for its propensity to lie, so its information requires recheck.

A critical look at the evidence shows that, firstly, the military ticket does not contain a signature, and secondly, the commissariat for Topchikhinsky and Kalmansky district’ the institution that issued it does not exist since 2009. Meanwhile, according to the BBC, Ageyev was recruited into military service in 2015.

The Russian Ministry of Defense officially denied the statement of Kiev. It doesn’t reject that Ageyev exists and he is a Russian citizen, but stresses other points. According to Ministry, Ageyev was recruited into the Russian army in 2015 and demobilized in 2016. He was not employed for contract service later. If Ageyev went to serve under the contract, a record of this would be done on the second turn of his military ticket. However, this is the turn Kiev journalists do not demonstrate.

At the same time, the People’s Militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic described their version of events.

A Ukrainian sabotage group captured fighters of the People’s militia of the LPR and inhumanely tortured them. The incident happened on Bakhmut road on June 24th. Two militiamen were tortured to death, four were kidnapped.

This was reported by the chief of the intelligence department of the State Office of the Public Prosecutor of the LPR Leonid Tkachenko to journalists.

“Judging by the on-scene situation of the incident, the military personnel were subjected to humiliation and torture. Four servicemen who were taken prisoner, judging by the traces of blood and scraps of clothes, were subjected to methods of physical influence. Proceeding from operational information, after their arrival in Severodonetsk, they were subjected to humiliation and torture for the sake of obtaining certain information that interests the Ukrainian side,” said Tkachenko.

Sources  of Crimean new site Politnavigator in the LPR reported that Ukrainians gouged out the eyes of the LPR militiamen, broke their fingers and hands in front of each other. One of the militiamen captured by Ukrainians died from a painful shock, and another from blood loss.

Pictures of the bodies of the dead militiamen appeared online. On this fact the prosecutor’s office of the LPR opened a criminal case. Also, representatives of the Republic intend to raise this subject at the nearest round of Minsk talks.

Ageyev is a member of captured group. LPR officials say Ukrainian secret services call to their relatives and threaten them insisting kidnapped militiamen can survive if they recognize themselves Russian mercenaries.

More likely Ageyev, as many other Russian volunteers with military experience, privately came to Donbas to help self-proclaimed people republics in their fight for survival. Wherever the truth is, the BBC’s acting on the side of the Kiev version will ensure its wider popularity, and Kiev propagandists will always argue that Russian aggression in Ukraine is taking place.

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