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Nazis from ‘C14’ attacked a protest against anticommunist renaming in Kiev

The radical ‘C14’ organization attacked a demonstration against the renaming of Vatutin Avenue in Kiev into Shukhevich avenue. Vatutin is a Red army commander who led Soviet troops while they liberated Ukraine from Nazi occupation and Shukhevich is Nazi collaborator. The ‘C14’ organization reported about this on Facebook. Several dozen banners that were used, including those with the inscription “Socialist Youth Congress”, served as visual proof.

Also the organization reported that after the attack on the demonstration there were injures, and even an Azov member was arrested, who they try to recapture.

The attack was confirmed by the socialists themselves. “Today the Socialist party of Kiev held a flash mob action against the renaming of Vatutin Avenue into Shukhevych Avenue. The action was attacked, several people were beat, including Denis Zharkikh, who they already attacked a little more than a week ago. Several people are in hospital,” it is said in the message of socialists on social networks.

Denis Zharkikh’s wife wrote that not only Denis, but also his son was beaten. “Today at a peaceful demonstration Denis Zharkikh and his son were beaten in Kiev by the paid organization C14. Now they are in hospital to be checked,” wrote Kate Zharkikh.

Denis Zharkikh also commented attack. He noted the attack was too massive: “We were not prepared to the attack of that scale. They attached old women, elder people. There are heavy wondered”. He adds that police promised protection before the action. In his opinion the incident leads to two conclusions. “Now even most peaceful actions become dangerous in this country. It is dangerous to express your opinion in Kiev”. That conclusion is late a bit. As we know it is dangerous to express opposition views in Ukraine since the year 2014. Zharkhih also surprised how Nazis knew about demonstration in advance if it was prepared without public promotion. He concludes Nazis have their spies in socialist movement. But we can propose more easy explanation. “Since police was informed about the planned rally, most likely, it is police unleashed Nazi militants”, an opposition blogger supposes. His version is highly probable because Nazis have infiltrated to Ukrainian police two years ago. For example Vadim Troyan frankly Nazi activist became the head of Kiev regional police in the year of 2015.

And most remarkable fact: all mainstream media in Ukraine met Nazi ‘pogrom’ with silence.

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