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Games of Patriots» with Courts in Ukraine

Over the past two days in Ukraine, there have been events that show how the current system of power of the Kiev government works. It failed to establish a totalitarian regime and is forced to achieve the desired results by selective pressure on its opponents. This is how the prosecutor’s office builds relations with Ukrainian courts when it comes to detaining opposition activists. On June 26, the Odessa court released Anatoly Slobodyanik under house arrest. Slobodyanik and member of the local council Gennady Kushnaryov were arrested allegedly for preparing a kidnapping of the MP Alexei Goncharenko, who has a persistent anti-rating in his native city. Both deny their guilt, and the case materials testify that it was artificially fabricated to arrest oppositionists. Both Slobodyanik and Kushnaryov have health problems.
On June 26, the court granted the defense’s motion and decided to transfer Slobodyanik to house arrest. The next day, a similar petition by Kushnaryov was to be considered. However, on the evening of June 26, opposition media reported that the prosecutor’s office decided to put pressure on the court to prevent Kushnaryov’s release. To this end, the prosecutor appealed for help to fascist activists. They had to appear in a court and put pressure on the judges to make the decision necessary for the prosecutor. June 27 it happened indeed. The fascist crowd filled the court, but the task assigned to it could not be fulfilled. The fascists simply thwarted the court session, so the court did not take any decision. The struggle for the liberation of Kushnaryov will continue.


Kushnaryov detained

Meanwhile, in Kiev, the prosecutor’s office artificially delayed the release of journalist Igor Guzhva on bail. Guzhva heads an opposition Internet site and was arrested on a fabricated case. According to the court’s decision, he was to be released on bail as early as June 26, but the release was artificially delayed. According to the information of Guzhva’s colleagues, the prosecutor’s office tried to urgently come up against him new criminal cases to prevent release. However, thanks to an active campaign conducted by opposition politicians and the media, Guzhva was released on June 27. Immediately after his release, he confirmed that the prosecutor’s office was trying to bring two more criminal cases against him. But according to Guzhva, no repression will break him, and he will fight for freedom of speech.

Guzhva liberated



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