Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

UK | Trump, May and Farage: the roll of shame – Election briefing

by Lindsey German

As campaigning enters its final stretch, right wing reaction is plumbing new depths, writes Lindsey German

As all readers of the briefing will no doubt be aware by now, my opinions of Donald Trump and Theresa May are low. However, even I have lowered that opinion still further given the events of the past 36 hours. Trump set the scene by using the terrible attack at London Bridge to demand that US courts allow him to go ahead with his Muslim travel ban. He later launched a completely mendacious attack on London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. Theresa May urged the calling off of election campaigning (apparently she wanted this for longer than one day) but then almost immediately made a speech which was anything but unpolitical and which allowed her to continue campaigning while others could not.

Phillippines | Duterte accepts Moro separatists offer of 2,000 men to fight IS-linked rebels

by Frances Mangosing

President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said on Sunday that he has accepted the offer of Moro National Liberation Front founding chairman Nur Misuari for 2,000 of his men to join the fight against IS-linked terrorists in Marawi City.

Greece | Left forces in Athens conclude capitalism entered the epoch of barbarity

On May 26-28, 4 Euro-Mediterranean workers’ conference of the left forces was held in Athens, organized by the Balkan Socialist Center Christian Rakovsky. The conference was held under the slogan “Against Capitalism, War, Fascism”.
Representatives of the left and communist organizations of Greece, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Finland, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Palestine, South Africa and other countries attended the Conference. More than 80 delegates took part in the conference. Attention of the conference participants was focused on the problems of the general crisis of capitalism, whose numerous manifestations, according to the speakers, can be observed in modern conditions in all continents.