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US anti-war activists concerned of new McCarthyism

US web-site anti-war.com issued a special statement after recent spy scandal in US mass-media caused by Trump’s meeting with Russian foreign minister. The editors concede new McCarthyism era in the US history.

“We haven’t seen this kind of witch-hunting since the 1950s. The hysteria over the alleged «Russian threat to our democracy» has become the rallying cry of the Democratic Party and its Republican enablers. Eager to blame Hillary Clinton’s defeat on anything but the fact that she was a bad candidate, what passes for today’s «liberals» are blaming Vladimir Putin. They want to set up a new version of the House Un-American Activities Committee to «investigate» «Russian influence» in American politics.

This is a dangerous development: it augurs political repression here at home and a head-on collision with nuclear-armed Russia abroad. Some of us remember not only Joe McCarthy but also the Cuban missile crisis – when we came within a hair’s breadth of a nuclear conflagration.

Almost alone, Antiwar.com is standing up to this ominous trend… The fight to preserve our civil liberties and prevent another war has to be won.”

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