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Odessa residents commemorate the victims of the May massacre

May 2, 2014 Ukrainian fascists burned several dozen residents of Odessa who opposed the establishment of the ultra-right regime in Ukraine and demanded the transformation of Ukraine into a federal state. Since then, Odessa residents have massively commemorated the victims of fascist terror.
The Kiev regime traditionally perceives such actions as a manifestation of civil protest and is furious because Odessa is politically disloyal. In this regard, every year approaching May 2, it perceives as a threat to the domination and conducts campaigns of intimidation. 2017 was no exception.
Two weeks before the commemoration, the Council of Mothers of the May 2 wrote to American human rights defenders:

“On the eve of the third anniversary of the events of May 2, 2014, the situation in Odessa is getting worse every day,” writes a supporter of the Council of Mothers of May 2, which represents the relatives of those who died at the House of Trade Unions. …

“Apartments of anti-Maidan activists are being searched. To counter the peaceful mourning rally, a mobilization of ‘patriots’ has been declared. An atmosphere of fear, hysteria and expectation of a new tragedy is created in Odessa. Everything is aimed at intimidating, misleading and confusing people and eventually making them stay at home.

“In these conditions, we urge the world to closely monitor the situation in Odessa to prevent provocations from those forces that proved to the whole world three years ago their bloodlust and their desire to choose the most cruel and bloody ways.”

On the eve of May 2, internal troops and reinforced police patrols were pulled into Odessa, demonstrating to the rebellious people the determination to suppress any unrest.

Early in the morning on May 2, members of the Security Service of Ukraine visited with searches activists of the movement «Kulikovo Field». Kulikovo field is the area where the burnt House of Trade Unions is located. It was in this building that Odessa citizens were killed. The searches were held in Victoria Machulko, Moris Ibrahim and Natalia Dementieva apartments. In the evening of May 2, Ibrahim gave an interview and said that the investigators deliberately delayed the search to exclude him opportunity to get to the mass events.

Pressure was put on the activists of the Opposition bloc, the only major legal party that does not support the Kiev regime. Employees of the Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Odessa region handed in a summons for questioning to the deputies of the regional council Sautyonkov and Baransky. According to Vitaly Sautyonkov, the police came to them on May 2 at 8:00 am «with the active participation of the radicals of the «Right Sector.” He also said that currently the SSU officers are searching the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Sergei Chervyakov, who also represents the Opposition block. According to the deputy, this was done specifically so that they could not pay tribute to the victims of May 2.

In addition, on May 2, members of the Security Service of Ukraine and the special unit Alfa detained in Odessa a group of local residents suspected of preparing terrorist acts, sabotage and provocation.

Unlike last year, the police allowed the residents of Odessa to go to Kulikovo Field, but opened only one pass through the metal detector and worked very slowly. As a result, an enormous queue formed before the entrance to the square. Slow operation of the police, obviously, was intended for media controlled by the regime. An external impression was created that there are not very many people at Kulikovo Field.

politsiya_zaderjaliVisual impression: empty square

vozle_kulikova_polyaThe huge queue outside the square

Nevertheless, the flow of the people of Odessa did not stop and by the end of the day the fence in front of the House of Trade Unions was literally covered with flowers.

The Ukrainian fascists could not calmly observe the peaceful protest of the people of Odessa and repeatedly undertook various provocations. Odessa journalists have counted at least five attempts. Fascist organizations like «Right Sector», «Azov», C14, «Avtomaydan», «Svoboda» and other less well-known bandit groups tried to frighten Odessa citizens. In fact, the entire fascist asset was thrown at this goal. However, the police tried to isolate the fascists from the people, which contrasted sharply with its usual behavior. They can, if they receive the order.

Unknown people called twice on the phone and reported that the Kulikovo field was mined. The police twice evacuated the participants from the square, but both calls were false.

The police also made a feasible contribution to the struggle against the people of Odessa. First, it prevented the residents of Odessa from using prohibited opposition symbols. Secondly, it guaranteed the safety of the relatives of killed Odessans, but behaved very peculiarly. The police detained relatives of the deceased Odessa citizens and members of the Mothers’ council on the way to the Trade Union House, put into a bus and took them to the district police department. However, they were soon released. As a result, relatives safely reached the Kulikovo field — for them the protesters organized a lively corridor to the House of Trade Unions, where the relatives of the deceased distributed black balloons to all those who wanted to let them out into the air. Also, white pigeons were released into the sky.
Odessa citizens did not deal with it. The struggle against fascism continues.

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