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Battle for historical memory is carried on in Ukraine

On May 9, Ukraine traditionally celebrates the day of victory in the Great Patriotic War. However, the fascists, who came to power, are trying to ban this holiday. They can not do this openly, so they came up with an alternative holiday on May 8, and try to terrorize and intimidate people who go to the streets on May 9.
However, the people do not give up and respond with the action «Immortal Regiment». During the action, the descendants of Soviet soldiers march through the streets with portraits of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
To prevent the procession of the «Immortal Regiment» in 2017, the Kiev regime began to prepare well in advance. May 5, the site «Immortal Regiment — Ukraine» was blocked without a court decision. Contrary to the anti-communist laws, it was forbidden to use any Soviet symbolism associated with the Victory on May 9. A special irritation under Kiev regime is the use of the Guards or St. George ribbon. It is not officially banned, but for its use, the police arrests people.
The Ukrainian police do not say how many people celebrated the Victory Day. According to their data, more than 2 thousand mass events took place on the territory of Ukraine on May 8 and 9, about 700 thousand citizens took part in it. However, on May 8, a small number of official events took place, and mass street festivals were held on May 9. Despite all the efforts of the Kiev regime on this day, hundreds of thousands of conscious citizens of Ukraine came to the streets, and the government used its last resort to stop them — the fascists. Throughout Ukraine, a real battle unfolded for the historical memory.


About 3 thousand people from Kiev went to celebrate Victory Day with the «Immortal Regiment» action. Throughout the day, they were attacked and subjected to psychological pressure by fascist radicals. From the very beginning of the march, a group of fascists blocked them near the  entrance to the park of Eternal Glory, they threw smoke bombs, lined the roads with state flags. In the park, the Nazis scattered flowers, brought by the participants of the «Immortal Regiment», unfurled the giant flag of Ukraine and sang a hymn. When the column passed by the office of the fascist OUN organization, its supporters threw smoke bombs, paint balls, bottles, eggs, potatoes from the windows of the first floor to the participants of the «Immortal Regiment» action. In one of the windows the police noticed a gangster with a grenade launcher and besieged the fascist office to prevent shooting. The fascists resisted. One policeman suffered from a smoke bomb. As a result, 24 fascists were detained, but not for threatening the lives of citizens, but for resisting the police.
The clashes also took place between fascists and anti-fascists. In Kiev a woman was injured — she tried to raise a red flag but was brutally assaulted by nationalist militants. Another woman tried to raise OUN/UPA (Ukrainian fascist) flag and had her head smashed by antifascists. And on the streets in Kiev clashes sporadically break out — police even didn’t try to interfere. Contrary, the police used their own means of psychological pressure on anti-fascists: a police helicopter circled over the participants of the march of the “Immortal Regiment”. The police also used video technology for face recognition.
The Fascist Party «Svoboda» organized that day a particularly cynical provocation. Representing themselves as correspondents of the «Russia 24» channel, its activists asked the participants of the event about their attitude to what is happening in Ukraine. They intend to hand over the video to the special services.
The next day, Western media supported the fascists. So, the Euronews TV channel in the report about the celebration on May 9 in Ukraine shielded the Nazis, who disrupted the procession of the «Immortal Regiment» in Kiev. It showed an interview only with a representative of a radical nationalist organization, which, judging by the accent, only recently arrived in Kiev from Galitsia. In his opinion, the celebration of the Victory Day in Kiev is «disregard and provocation». At the same time, the TV channel did not say a word about the fact that fascists «threw smoke bombs at people and police yesterday, and when they have numerical superiority they beat the elderly and women with George ribbons with their feet,» the famous Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky is indignant.


In Zaporozhe, the action of the «Immortal Regiment» was not of mass character. Therefore, approximately 200 fascists could seriously spoil the holiday to participants in the procession. They beat veterans of the Great Patriotic War, prevented their movement through the streets, took away the red flags. In order to discredit the «Immortal Regiment» and to mock the feat of the Soviet people, the Nazis organized a parody procession called «The Immortal Wolf.» Its participants kept portraits of fantastic characters from the «Games of Thrones» and wedged themselves into the procession of the «Immortal Regiment».


The celebration of Victory Day in Odessa was traditionally numerous. All the foot of the monument to the Unknown Sailor was filled with flowers. Odessans defiantly ignored the symbolism imposed by the Kiev regime. Nevertheless, a few fascist provocateurs tried to be active here. Knowing about their impunity and lack of jurisdiction, they were not afraid to commit provocations and spoil the holiday. From time to time they attacked the people of Odessa. The campaign was opened by the famous Odessa fascist Sergei Sternenko. He tried to carry to the eternal fire a portrait of the Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Shukhevych. Odessans took the portrait, and Sternenko was rescued from lynching only due to police. After that, the fascists changed tactics — they began to wait and attack those Odessa citizens who carried posters with something resembling a Guards ribbon. Journalists came to the conclusion that the fascists tactics of attacks had been worked out in advance — the attackers strove to crush by the number and broke the posters.
Several fascist attacks were successful. So they attacked a married couple with a child of three years, a woman with a child, a company of two women and a man and two other women. In another skirmish with Odessa resident the fascists snatched the poster of the “Immortal Regiment” and broke it against his head. They also attacked and beat a man for a poster with military themes. The fascists attacked the leader of the opposition organization “Kulikovo Field” Maurice Ibrahim and forcefully tried to bring him to his knees, shouting Nazi greetings. Ibrahim was repulsed by the police.
Even on a deep night the Nazis could not calm down, because they saw how massively Odessa people celebrate Victory Day. Therefore, on the night of May 10, they smeared the bust of Marshal Zhukov with paint. Marshal Zhukov is one of the most famous Soviet commanders of the war period.
The Odessa police did not detain the fascists, but only took them aside. But it detained several people who repulsed them, as well as two people for wearing Soviet symbols. Under the current laws they face five years of imprisonment.


In the Kharkov region the fascists began to mock the memory of the victory of the Soviet people already on the night of May 9. In the small town Borovaya of Kharkov region unknown desecrated a monument to the victims of the Great Patriotic War. At night, the inscription «Nazi» was painted with black paint.
In the city of Kharkov, the fascists from the Shidny Corps prevented the action «Immortal Regiment» and laying flowers at the Memorial of Glory. During the march they tried to take off the St. George ribbon from one of the participants of the «Immortal Regiment». A fight broke out. During the laying of flowers, there were several more fights. In one of them, a portrait of a participant in the Great Patriotic War was divided. When the Kharkov residents laid flowers to the eternal fire, the fascists pointedly raised photos of volunteers killed in the suppression of the uprising in the Donbas. Participants in the procession did not hide discontent with this behavior.


In Nikolayev, the Nazis were active since the morning and tried to provoke a brawl: first they took away and set fire to the red Communist flag, and then insulted a woman who was not afraid to take their excesses to the mobile phone camera.
During the march of international warriors and veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which were sent under red banners to the Memorial of the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War, representatives of Azov attacked the convoy. Azov is the most famous Nazi organization in Ukraine. Several people approached the column of veterans of war in Afghanistan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and threw a firecracker and a smoke bomb. «Afghans» caught several attackers and before the police intervened they managed to hump their sides. The police did not become idle and arrested one of the participants in the procession for wearing St. George’s ribbon, although there is no prohibition on its use.
The Nazis were offended by the «Afghans» and decided to take revenge on them. The next day, the Azov and Svoboda assaulted the office of Afghanistan war veterans. They have assaulted and beaten some people there, destroying the office. The fascists did not hide and openly stated, that this was a revenge for yesterday’s clashes on Victory Day rally. Police did not interfere, but finally detained nine people from both sides.
The attackers were about 30 people. In the office at this time there were 7 people. The head of the Association of Afghan Veterans Yuri Solovei received the most serious injuries — he was struck by a metal rod, he had an open fracture of his finger, multiple bruises. In total, four “Afghans” appealed for medical help.


In Dnepropetrovsk, the Nazis also decided to «jump» at people who celebrated Victory Day. The flags of the party «Socialists» became the source of irritation for them. These flags are red, but do not contain any prohibited symbols. The attack was organized by the grouping C14 connected with Svoboda party. It is financed by the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov and the deputy of the city council Denisenko. Representatives of the political opposition claim that C14 is financed from the city budget and is legalized as a municipal enterprise «Municipal Police», there are about 100 people in its state.
As a result of the fascists’ attack, 8 participants of the procession and 6 policemen were injured on the column of demonstrators.
The police were tasked to stop the clashes, but act «gently» so as not to harm the aggressive fascists. Since the fascists resisted the police, it applied force to them and arrested 13 people. They had knives, torches, a ten-liter canister with incendiary mixture, incomprehensible liquids similar to acid, balaclavas — dregs were seriously prepared. On the same day they were released, but this did not prevent the outburst of anger of the Kiev leaders.
The next day, the Minister of the Interior replaced the Dnepropetrovsk police and appointed an official investigation into the facts of the brawls. After the clashes on Victory Day, the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk B.Filatov stated that they will stop financing WW2 veterans’ organizations to allocate money to Anti-Terrorist Operation instead. The mayor is also warned that he is ready to create his own police forces. «If the situation does not change, the city will create an analogue of the German Freikorps of the early 20th century …. Yes, history is nothing new.»
One of the local policemen said: «If they start mass punishing policemen for doing their duty, stopping provocations — it will lead to final demoralization. And next time no one will interfere if there are attacks on demonstrations. And their organizers will ensure security issues by their own means, which will result in massacres on the streets of cities for whatever reason.» Indeed, the Nazis courageously continued their excesses. In Dnipropetrovsk, on the night of May 10-11, the office of «Opposition block», the party, which acted as one of the organizers of the «Immortal Regiment», was set on fire.


A young man was sentenced to 2.5 years of imprisonment for posting communist symbols and communist slogans in social network Facebook in 2015-2016. This informs Lviv region Prosecutor’s Office on May 10. The convicted man pleaded guilty and cooperated with the investigators. Update after decifering the lawyers jargon: the guy may not get those 2.5 years if he does not commit a new crime during the next one year. Otherwise, this is hell.


The police refused to pass the column of the Immortal Regiment with red flags, which was organized by the banned Communist Party of Ukraine. At the same time, the police chief of the Cherkassy region, Viktor Ivanko, publicly called the participants of the procession «devil-worshippers». Residents of the city reported that the fascists tried to take away the Victory Banner from one of the participants of the celebratory procession. After this, a scuffle began. In the end, the police detained not attacking hooligans, but peaceful participants of the holiday action.


In Khmelnitsky, a local resident 32 years old was detained and wanted to be put behind bars for a red backpack with the inscription «USSR». He came to lay flowers to the eternal fire, was detained by the police and accused of publicly demonstrating communist symbols.


On May 10 in Chernovtsy about a dozen people dressed in camouflage uniforms beat Ruslan Tulik, chairman of the local branch of the «Opposition block» party. Tulik was attacked by radical nationalists, led by a deputy of the Chernovtsy regional council from the party «Samopomich» Olga Kobyevko. The oppositionist published a photo of the May 9 celebration in the social network, as result he began to receive threats from Ukrainian nationalists. At present, the man is in a serious condition in the neurosurgical department of one of the hospitals in Chernovtsy.


So, the battle for historical memory in Ukraine has not ended on May 9. It continues and will continue until the overthrow of the Kiev regime. According to the police, 89 people were detained for various offenses, most of them anti-fascists. In eight regions, eight criminal cases were opened. But most importantly, what a powerful vaccination against fascism the Kiev regime gave its citizens. According to one of the Ukrainian publicists, Ukrainian news websites that days are full of aggressive comments calling to “kill at last” the Nazis, supporters OUN/UPA Banderites and those who try to rehabilitate former Nazi-allies. “Whatever website I read today — but even a weather forecast generates dozens and hundreds comments of this sort.”

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