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Hong Kong | Labour Activist has been detained and isolated for 16 months

A Statement From Hong-Kong’s Workers Organisations

On April 2017 a group of Hong-Kong labour activists issued a public call after a local labour activist was detained.

Chinese labour activist Meng Han was sentenced to a prison term of 21 months by Panyu District Court of Guangzhou City on 3 November  2016, for “gathering crowds to disrapt public order” as he helped organize workers to defend their rights. He was then sent to serve his sentence in Shaoguan Prison of Guangdong Province and is expected to be released in September 2017. Together with the detention prior the sentence, Meng has been detained for over 16 months. Since his detention on 3 December 2015, his family has attempted to visit him over a dozen times but in vain. No matter it was the No.1 Detention Centre of Guangzhou or Shaoguan Prison, the authorities denied his family’s rights to see him. In late March 2017, Meng’s parents visited Shaoguan Prison again and was told that Meng had been going through education and therefore could not be visited.

Second Class World Citizens

by Loubna El Amine

I was recently invited to give a talk at the National University of Singapore. Upon arriving at the airport and reaching customs, I was ushered in for further questioning. My husband was not. Yet I was the one with the invitation, and the one who anxiously waited for a visa to enter the country, while my passport languished for three weeks at the Embassy in DC. I was also the one who had waited for five weeks for a visa to Hong Kong. And while my husband did have to apply for a visa to mainland China, the one he obtained was multiple entry, each entry for 60 days, and valid for 10 years. I got a single entry visa for 30 days.