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Ukraine | Odessa residents commemorate the victims of the May massacre

May 2, 2014 Ukrainian fascists burned several dozen residents of Odessa who opposed the establishment of the ultra-right regime in Ukraine and demanded the transformation of Ukraine into a federal state. Since then, Odessa residents have massively commemorated the victims of fascist terror.
The Kiev regime traditionally perceives such actions as a manifestation of civil protest and is furious because Odessa is politically disloyal. In this regard, every year approaching May 2, it perceives as a threat to the domination and conducts campaigns of intimidation. 2017 was no exception.
Two weeks before the commemoration, the Council of Mothers of the May 2 wrote to American human rights defenders:

Brazil | Largest general strike since 1989 hits 185 cities in Brazil

By Miguel Andrade

Friday, April 28, saw Brazilian workers walk off their jobs in every major city against proposed historic attacks on the country’s pension system and labor laws. The changes being discussed in Congress will allow for widespread casualization, opening up every economic sector to “gig economy” conditions, while raising the retirement age to 65 and imposing private pension plans on workers.

Montenegro MPs Back NATO Treaty Despite Protests

Eleven years after it gained independence, Montenegrin MPs voted to join the Western military alliance – much to the outrage of the large Serbian community in the country may of whose members demonstrated outside the assembly.

Members of Montenegro’s parliament on Friday ratified the country’s NATO membership treaty while thousands protested outside the old royal palace in the town of Cetinje where the ceremonial session took place.