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Thanks for Trump

by Boris Ikhlov

On April 3, a terrorist attack was carried out in the St. Petersburg metro, 11 people were killed.
On April 7, political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov, speaking on the TV channel «Russia-1», announced: «They want us to be scared. We will not be afraid. We will be united.»
«We will not be frightened», «united” in front of terrorists — without any doubt. However, Nikonov, the grandson of Vyacheslav Molotov, was referring to the unity of all of Russia. Such a unity can not be. The poor are not united with the rich, workers are not united with bourgeoisie. Nikonov deceives the working people. We always explain this.

We are Marxists. So we initially knew that the change of presidents would not lead to any significant change in US foreign policy. Therefore, we were not terrified when Trump was elected — unlike crazy Americans and Russian liberals.
But we did not expect Trump’s foreign policy to be even dirtier than Obama’s policy.
We only knew that Washington will continue to keep Moscow on a short leash, in fear of freezing of foreign accounts of Russian billionaires.
We hoped that Clinton would win, it would be a boon for Russia. Politics Clinton is obvious, she would restore the whole world against the United States. This would allow Russia to slip out of the strong embrace of Washington. However, Trump outscored Madam Clinton.

In 1999, Bill Clinton needed a full arsenal of world propaganda to assure the world in the myth of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. The whole world laughed when the people of Srebrenica, killed by the Serbs, rebelled from the graves and came to polling stations.
Serbs did not laugh — in 1999 the United States bombed Belgrade’s kindergartens, including shells with depleted uranium. And ethnic cleansing was organized by Albanians, they caught Serbian children and sold them to organs.

In 2001, George Bush required a dramatization with twin towers to invade Afghanistan. The United States created Al Qaeda, Bin Laden was a US protege. The US appointed bin Laden as the organizer of the terrorist act. The United States said that they are looking for bin Laden in Afghanistan. At this time, Bin Laden was treated in an American hospital.

In 2003, George Bush needed Powell, who was shaking a test tube with white powder in order to prove the existence of chemical weapons in Iraq. Powell lied to the whole world. No chemical weapons were found in Iraq. The Americans destroyed more than 500 thousand Iraqi civilians.
Trump did not need anything, no evidences, no UN authorization. On the night of April 7, the United States violated international law and launched a missile attack on the territory of sovereign Syria. A blow was struck against the Syrian troops.

September 14, 2014 Barack Obama, speaking at the UN General Assembly, blurted out that the main world threats were Ebola fever, IGIL (DAISH) and Russia.
On April 7 terrorists of IGIL told Trump a lot of thanks, the IGIL troops immediately launched an offensive. True, the Syrian troops gave them under the ass.
«Tomahawks» made a lot of noise, but the Syrian airbase suffered little.

Do you know that the Americans bombed? Dining room. Learning Campus. And as many as six (!!!) planes (!!!) MiG-23. They were in the repair hangars and hardly ever could be raised in the air because of antiquity. In the 80s, the MiG-23 was worth 3.6 — 6.6 million dollars, now it is unlikely that anyone will buy it, except for 1 million. Six planes are $ 6 million. But 59 Tomahawks are over $ 55 million. Oh… shell out more often, bastards.
And then the entire liberal public rustled: ostensibly the photo clearly showed chemical weapons. Wah! Apparently, it was the photo of the bombed-out dining room.
By the way: nine civilians, including four children, died as a result of a US missile strike.
Trump’s daughter said she was proud of her father.

Europe also told Trump a lot of thanks, the number of migrants to Europe will necessarily increase after the actions of the United States.

US actions were supported by the American slave, Great Britain, and fascist Ukraine.

Let me remind you that the Syrian opposition repeatedly used chemical weapons against Assad’ Syrian troops and Syrian civilians. It is quite natural that the US accused Assad of using chemical weapons. The whole world watched a ridiculous video with the «victims».  Physicians laughed especially loudly.

Let me remind you that on January 4, 2016, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons announced the complete destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. This weapon was destroyed, including in the US.
Apparently, the US citizens have lost their memory, they believe in the use of chemical weapons by the troops of Assad.

Trump once again — after Truman (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Eisenhower (North Korea), Johnson, Nixon, Ford (Vietnam), Clinton, Bush, Obama and Hillary Clinton — reminded the world that the US is a fascist country, a world gendarme.


On April 7, in the same telecast on the Rossiya-1 channel, the viewer asked: «Why did not Russia defend airbase in Syria with systems of air defense, famous C-400?» An immediate response was given: «A nuclear war would begin.»
We all remember: why does Russia fight in Syria, but does not protect the Russians in the Donbas? «Because nuclear war.»

«It’s a trap, Russia has been trapped!» — the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” roars.

Do you think that the bullshit about the nuclear war is borne by journalists only?
“The use of Russian air defense systems by the Syrian army in response to the missile strike of the United States would lead to a nuclear conflict that did not happen only thanks to the coolness of the Russian Supreme Commander-in-Chief,» said Sergei Sudakov, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.
No, no, others are rattling, the S-400 has worked on the Tomahawks, only 23 from 59 missiles flew to airbase, and the S-400 can simultaneously knock down 36 targets. 59 – 36 = 23. Http://politikus.ru/events/92998-amerikanskie-tomagavki-v-sirii-mogli-byt-sbity-nashimi-s-400-triumf.html ( Let’s add that only 20 Tomahawks hit the target.)

They are objected by the reserve colonel, member of the Expert Council of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Viktor Murakhovsky: «Our S-400 air defense system deployed in Syria at the airbase of Khmeimim could not technically knock down the American Tomahawks. The distance from the Syrian air base Shayrat, on which the Americans attacked, to Khmeimim is about 100 km. However, for air defense systems there is a restrictive concept of radio horizon. Yes, the maximum range of the S-400 is 400 km. But we must understand: it is reachable by air targets, which operate at medium and high altitudes. Cruise missiles that operate at altitudes of 30-50 meters are not visible from such a distance, simply because the Earth is «curved» — spherical. In short, the American Tomahawks were outside the S-400 radio horizon. «In general, Russian installations — to protect Russian troops, others — do not meddle … («Free Press»)
It is also interesting to ask the question — where was Russian intelligence, including satellite?
The Federal News Agency, citing experts, explains the phenomenon of «20 out of 59» by the fact that the Syrian S-300s were used. But the question immediately arises: why did they not work out when the Israelis bombed them twice?

Return to nuclear war.

While the USSR did not have nuclear weapons, the United States developed plans for a nuclear bombing of the USSR.
As soon as the USSR had nuclear weapons, Khrushchev was not afraid to arrange the Caribbean crisis.
Although by 1960 the US had a significant advantage in strategic nuclear forces. For comparison, the Americans had about 6,000 warheads in service, and in the USSR there were only about 300. By 1962, the US armed forces had more than 1,300 bombers capable of delivering about 3,000 nuclear weapons to the territory of the USSR. In addition, there were 183 ICBM Atlas and Titan and 144 Polaris missiles on nine nuclear submarines, such as George Washington and Etienne Allen. The Soviet Union was able to deliver to the US territory about 300 warheads, mainly with the help of strategic aviation and ICBMs R-7 and R-16, which had a low degree of combat readiness and high cost of creating launch complexes, which prevented the large-scale deployment of these systems (Wikipedia).

When the US invaded North Korea, the Soviet MiGs easily knocked down American planes. No nuclear war happened.
When the US invaded Vietnam, Soviet instructors beat American pilots as mosquitoes from the C-125 systems — but there was no nuclear war.
May 1, 1960 American pilot Powers was shot down over the territory of the USSR. Again there was no nuclear war!

Interestingly, those who shout about nuclear war, do they know that it is impossible? After all, nuclear winter will begin, the whole of humanity will die.

Why today does Putin’s fans frighten the Russian workers with a nuclear war? Why is Russia unable to apply its famous C-400 systems? Yes, because Russian billionaires keep their savings in foreign banks.
So what kind of unity did Nikonov say?

Thanks to Trump, he opened eyes of many Russians.


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