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OECD: Greece tops list of 20 member-states that increased taxes in 2016

Greece occupies an unenviable “first place” among the 20 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member-states that increased tax and social security contributions on work-related incomes for 2016, according to results of a study by the intergovernmental economic entity, released on Tuesday.

The average tax burden on work-related income (income tax and social security contributions) was increased by 1.06 percent from the previous year, the highest figure among the 20 countries the OECD said increased the burden. The other 19 countries surveyed imposed lesser increases; one country (Chile) retained the same tax and social security contributions, whereas 14 OECD member-states actually slashed income taxes and contributions for pension funds.

Conversely, Austria (2.47 percent) and Belgium (1.32 percent) reduced the overall amount taken by the state from work-related income.


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