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Ukraine | Russian culture is discriminated in Ukraine

On April 8, Russian cultural societies in different countries of the world conducted a “total dictation”. This is an annual educational event in the form of a voluntary dictation for all those who want to test their knowledge of the Russian language. Outside of Russia, the majority of Russian speakers live in Ukraine. However, it was there that the “total dictation” was thwarted. In Kiev, the cultural and educational organization Rossotrudnichestvo planned to hold on this day a “total dictation” and a conference “Towards Peace and Creation through Spiritual Culture.” Both events were foiled by Ukrainian Nazis from the party “National Corps” and the Civil Corps “Azov”. They attacked the building of “Rossotrudnichestvo” in Kiev, blocked all entrances and exits, and then penetrated into the building. Activists of these Nazi organizations also attacked the Russian Drama Theater in Nikolayev, where a “total dictation” was also to take place. The theater administration had to close the entrance to the building. The organizers of the event in Odessa decided not to conduct a “total dictation” for security reasons. Under pressure from the outside, dictations were also canceled in Kharkov and Zhitomir. In no case the police ensure the safety of the event.
At the same time, official representatives of the Kiev government argue that Russian culture is not subject to discrimination in Ukraine.

How years of IMF prescriptions have hurt West African health systems

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides financial assistance to countries in economic trouble. But its policy proposals don’t always yield positive results for the countries it purports to help. For instance, critics have argued that the IMF inhibits government spending on public health and diverts resources from the health sector to repay external debt.

Ukraine | The head of the IMF mission in Ukraine recommends to reduce the number of Ukrainian pensioners

Ukraine must find a way to reduce the inflow of new pensioners to the pension system and increase revenues to the Pension Fund. This was stated by the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine, Ron van Roden in the column for “Economic truth”.

“This can be achieved in different ways: from further limitations on the possibility of early retirement to increase the effective retirement age,” he said.