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US ‘Democracy Promotion Activities’ in Balkan States

US Senators send letter to US Secretary of State demanding investigation into US ‘democracy promotion activities’ in Balkan region.

Balkanist has obtained a letter sent from six US Senators to US Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson on March 14 demanding an immediate worldwide investigation into all US democracy promotion activities. Macedonia and Albania are discussed as two timely examples of countries supposedly harmed by the US’s policies and the allocation of foreign aid. The Senators are disturbed with the fact that main contributers in both countries were left forces.

This letter proves the US government intervenes to the political process of Macedonia and Albania and promotes moderate left-of-center parties. Both government and non-government foundations like Soros-backed “Open society” are involved in this activity. The Senators stress they don’t reject the need for intervention, but they believe it must be carried out in the interests of US state regardless the interest of any political current. It looks like they see the US state reason in the promotion of right forces. But they put the US policy in Balkan region on public, and it is the most important fact.



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