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Unidentified thugs provoked crisis in Polish-Ukrainian relations

On the night of March 29, unknown persons fired from the grenade launcher a Polish consulate in the city of Lutsk in the west of Ukraine. The shelling caused a harsh reaction from Polish officials. The Consul of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk, Krzysztof Sawicki, stated that the night attack on the consulate building was a terrorist act.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the shelling of the Polish consulate in Lutsk with a grenade launcher requires decisive action. He held telephone talks with Ukrainian President Poroshenko and demanded the safety of Polish diplomats. On the same day, Poland stopped the work of all its consulates in the territory of Ukraine for an indefinite period.

On the same day about 150 ethnic Poles living in Ukraine organized a protest action and blocked the road route Lvov — Warsaw. The people opposed the violation of the rights of Poles in Ukraine, and the defilements of Polish monuments. In addition, the protest of people was a response to the attack on the Polish Embassy in Lutsk by unknown people. The huge traffic jam of cars quickly accumulated at the scene of the action. Indignant drivers sometimes entered into fights with protesters.

“We want Poland’s attention to be drawn to how we are humiliated here, how our rights are violated. Our governmental buildings are shot at, and soon it will be us being shot too,” stated the leader of the action Taras Kmet to Ukrainian journalists.

It should be noted that the police that arrived on the scene detained about 80 people, among whom were both protesters and drivers.

At the same time, series of attacks on monuments to Polish victims of OUN/UPA fascist massacres continues in West Ukraine. An ethnic conflict between Ukrainians and Poles unfolds again.


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  1. The Cool Guy:

    What was a response of Polish and European officials to these severe violations of the Poles’ rights? I didn’t heard of any protest notes, just new $1 billion IMF aid tranche. Europe sponsors nationalists instead of countering them. https://www.quora.com/How-stable-is-the-current-Ukraine-government/answer/A-Europe

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