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Ukrainian fascists against national minorities in Chernivtsi

On March 19, in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi, local political scientist Oleg Khavich organized an international round table on the protection of the rights of national minorities. The organizer was the association ‘Ethnic Minorities Rights Watch’. The event was attended by representatives of the Polish Sejm, Romanian consul, representatives of the Romanian district of Suceava.
However, the so-called «veterans of the antiterrorist operation», which participated in the suppression of the anti-Kiev uprising in the Donbas, broke into the round table. They said that it was a pro-Kremlin action and ripped off the round table. After the beginning of the riots, the police came and arrested the organizer, one must assume for resistance to the fascists. The police dragged Oleg Khavich out of the hall and handcuffed him. At the same time, the political scientist reports that the police officer took away his cell phone.
In a commentary to the media Havich expresses surprise at this unforeseen development of events. «It was a round table completely neutral from a political point of view. It was absolutely peaceful representative event, which was supposed to take place in the Ukrainian language. What kind of Kremlin can we talk about?» According to him, the goal of uniting Ethnic Minorities Rights Watch, and the ripped round table was the Europeanization of Ukraine. It is about using contacts of national minorities, whose «mother countries» are members of the EU, to strengthen Ukraine’s relations with Europe. After all, this is a bilateral benefit: Ukrainian Hungarians, Romanians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Greeks will receive additional attention from Kiev, and Ukraine itself is an additional channel of communication with Brussels.
Currently, Oleg Khavich is preparing a lawsuit against the police, accusing it of official negligence, abuse of authority (unlawful detention using special means) and robbery.

ethnic17424850_1798530716839052_1294794518258805823_nthe policeman who arbitrary took cell phone (in red circle) and O.Khavich arrested (right)

Updated: On March 22 Ukrainian political police organized a search in Khavich’s residence.

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